{ ...the  smell  and  taste  of  things  remain  poised  a  long
        time,  like  souls,  ready  to  remind us...   - Marcel Proust }

Welcome to Vervacious travel inspired fancy foods! We hope you enjoy browsing our line of products, easy, sophisticated recipe ideas and have time to do a little shopping.  We make everything in small batches right here in beautiful Maine. If you're in the area we'd love to see you at our oh so fun shop in Portland, Maine.

We offer tastings all day long - hope to see you soon!
We’re out to add some pizzazz to your table. To take your cheese plates to the next level. To expand your repertoire of quick and easy amuse bouche. To spice up your plate, whether you’re cooking dinner on your own or for a house-full. Food is something to be shared and savored. We invite you to indulge. Herein we offer a collection of little bites to try when you’re home alone, with your S.O., your entire family, or a gathering of friends.

We put our hearts and souls into each one of our products. They are everyday products meant for pairing with your everyday basics to elevate them to the next level or take them in a new slightly exotic direction. They are inspired by creative individuals and local traditions we have encountered along the way. We invite you share these discoveries.

- Heidi & Mark

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